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Improving the Brickworks Masterplan

Doma is committed to bringing Brickworks to life in a way that best serves the interest of the community, consistent with our successful project bid.

As outlined at the inaugural Community Information Evening on Tuesday 29 October, Doma is consulting the community about ways to further enhance and improve the site’s masterplan.

In order to best activate the site while also respecting our neighbours in the existing Yarralumla community, Doma is proposing to make some minor adjustments to the masterplan as outlined below:

We would be grateful if you could please take a moment to indicate whether or not you support the proposed change to the Brickworks masterplan as outlined above, via the below web poll question.


Do you support changes to the Brickworks masterplan that redirect new dwelling density and traffic flows away from existing Yarralumla residents?

Approved masterplan

Proposed improvements to approved masterplan

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Our Approach to Engagement

The purpose of the Canberra Brickworks Consultation Plan is to enable the realisation of a project that will:

  • Rejuvenate a significant site that has long laid dormant as a new destination for the Canberra public
  • Strengthen Canberra’s vision of the Brickworks as a shared precinct that reflects our past and embraces our future as a vibrant and dynamic city, and
  • Establish a new benchmark for quality design of a residential community that is truly reflective of the principles of the Garden City

The Plan provides the framework to support the progression of the Canberra Brickworks precinct through the Estate Development Planning (EDP) approval process, through construction and potentially beyond.

The overarching aims of the Community Consultation Plan are to:

  • Introduce Canberrans to the proposed new Canberra Brickworks precinct
  • Stimulate discussion and feedback on the precinct design and aspirations
  • Enthuse and excite the community about the new public precinct
  • Understand and respond to material issues and stakeholder concerns
  • Establish a shared vision for the Brickworks which people will want to see built and which they will champion

Redevelopment of the Brickworks offers an iconic opportunity to engage in place-making and storytelling. Doma Group appreciates that the development must respond effectively to competing interests that include:

  • Sympathetic and appropriate conservation, restoration and adaptive re-use responses to maintain the significant Territory heritage values inherent in the Site
  • Respect for the neighbouring streetscape and stylistic congruence between the landscape of Yarralumla and the new development to effectively integrate as one suburb
  • Desirability and attraction as a residential housing product for prospective owners, with sufficient and appropriate private amenity, while balancing public access to the tranquil parkland surrounds, in particular the Quarry and Railway Remnants
  • Interpretation of the historical significance of the site across the various adaptive uses proposed to optimise activation levels consistent with commercial viability and self-sufficiency for maintenance
  • Implementing appropriate global best practice on sustainability initiatives to achieve high quality triple bottom line outcomes that are financially justifiable and market adopted such that it effectively contributes to the overall self-sufficiency of the precinct in operation.
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